R E C R U I T M E N T 

a letter from our

VP of Recruitment

Dear incoming freshman, 


Welcome to Oregon State and to the best four years of your life! By the end of the recruitment process you will find your forever home. But most importantly you will find your forever people. 


Alpha Phi has truly changed my life. The constant acceptance, support, and special friendship from these women has shaped my college experience. I will forever be grateful for the driven, charismatic, and selfless sisters that Alpha Phi put into my life. We are all so excited that you are here and want to experience this life changing sisterhood too. 


The process you are about to endure can be terrifying, moving, and even at times so confusing. My biggest advice that I can give was actually something an Alpha Phi told me, when I was in your same position. Find the chapter where you feel surrounded by women that would push you to be a better version of yourself each and every day. For me, that was Alpha Phi -- and we hope that it is for you too. 


It makes my heart full thinking about our community growing this upcoming fall and I am so apprecative of you! I wish you all the very best of luck,


Vice President of Membership Recruitment, 

Alexis Houseman

What to know

Advice from our members

Be yourself: 

Recruitment can seem scary at first, but it's really an amazing process because you get to meet so many amazing girls through it, not to mention you'll find the perfect chapter at the end of it!

Keep an open mind: 

There are so many great chapters here at Oregon State. All are SO welcoming to you during recruitment. It might be hard at first to pick just one, but each chapter is so unique and has such a loving family!

How to prepare:

Pick your outfits out the night before.

Make sure you get good sleep, eat, and drink lots of water, because it may feel like a long day!  Even bring some snacks along with you!

Think of questions you would like to ask to know more about the chapter!

Remember to trust the process, you will end up in the PERFECT chapter!!

Tips for the process:

You'll be doing a lot of walking, so bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes!

Dress in what makes you feel beautifulconfident!

Take notes of what stands out to you after visiting each chapter!

Ask questions! Recruitment is just as much about you getting to know the chapter as it is them getting to know you!

Also, your Gamma Chis will help you out so much with anything you need!

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If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us through our website, our instagram or our
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                                   We will do our best to answer any questions that you have!

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